In-Home Care Support, Respite and Staffing Solutions

HOME CARE NURSES AUSTRALIA (HCNA) is an influential and forward-thinking home care and disability service provider. Our dedicated and passionate team of professionals provides a full range of in-home healthcare services, specialising in highly complex cares. Your needs and wishes will be carefully matched with a caregiver and a schedule to help improve your quality of life. We offer our services to anyone in ACT, SA, Victoria and WA.

Home Services

  • Routine Housework Including General Cleaning, Vacuuming, Dusting, Washing Floors, Laundry, Ironing, Changing Beds, Defrosting Refrigerators/Freezers, Cleaning Ovens/Stoves and China Cabinets
  • Heavier Cleaning Such as Spring-Cleaning, Light Fixtures and Washing Walls and Windows
  • Planning, Cooking and Serving Meals
  • Baking for Holidays and Special Occasions
  • Monitoring and Motivating Regular Diet Plans
  • Transporting Clients to Social Activities and Appointments
  • Running Errands and Shopping for Clients or Transporting Clients to Carry out These Activities
  • Assisting With Mail, Correspondence and Payment of Bills
  • Providing Respite and Palliative CareServing as Companions and Participating in Friendly Socialisation Activities
  • Assisting With Entertainment Preparations, Hosting, Serving and/or Clean Up
  • Packing Household Goods When Changing Residences
  • Caring for Plants
  • Monitoring Clients' Safety, Comfort and Welfare by Contacting Them by Phone or by Making Home Visit(s)
  • Checking Interior Conditions of Homes While Residents Are Away and Ensuring the Exteriors Reflect an "At-Home" Appearance

Personal Care

  • Assisting With Grooming Needs Such as Hair Care, Shaving, Cleaning Teeth and Routine Nail Care
  • Supervising or Assisting With Tub Baths, Showers, Sponge Baths and Bed Baths
  • Providing Routine Skin Care Such as Applying Lotion to Dry Skin
  • Assisting With Dressing and Undressing
  • Assisting With Mobilization Activities Including Turning, Transferring, Exercising and Walking
  • Assisting With Toilet and/or Commode Needs
  • Assisting With Eating or Feeding
  • Assisting With Self-Administered Medications by Reminding Client to Take Them at the Prescribed Time(s) and/or Following Up to Ensure They Are Taken
  • Monitoring Vital Signs Such as Blood Pressure, Pulse and Respiration
  • Providing Respite and Palliative Care

Companion Services

We provide companionship by engaging the client in any number of activities such as

  • Conversation
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Playing Cards
  • Walking
  • Planning
  • Cooking
  • Serving Meals
  • Baking for Holidays and Special Occasions
  • Assisting With Entertaining
  • Medication and Appointment Reminders
  • Escort to Appointments
  • Visiting Friends and Neighbours
  • Shopping
  • Events
  • Plays
  • Religious Services

In-Home Assessments

We conduct non-medical to find clients' functioning capabilities, to identify their needs, and to determine what services are needed to assist them attain and maintain optimum independence.

Who Can Obtain Service

Certain segments of the population will find our services especially beneficial such as:

  • People Who Are Frail
  • Aged
  • Housebound
  • Terminally, Chronically or Acutely Ill
  • Physically or Mentally Challenged
  • Recently Discharged From Hospital
  • Family Caregivers
  • Accident Victims

When Service is Available

Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to conform to clients' needs and preferences.

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